Telemetry is a radio system that is used to track the bird in case of loss, thanks to a transmitter that the bird of prey has placed on its tail or legs. The falconer uses a receiver equipped with an antenna to know the location of his bird.

To identify and follow races, ringing was the sole method that was previously employed. The rings were attached to one of the birds’ legs, and after they died, they were recovered to provide information about their location. The use of telemetry, which continuously delivers data, has displaced this method. Maps of the routes are created, showing trip durations, anticipated aircraft speeds, and more.

Why Use A GPS In Falconry?

By day, raptors travel large distances by climbing up and over hot springs. During the night, these enormous birds need to rest on the trees, thus they travel across the country. Other birds migrate at night over dry ground or across the oceans, some without ever setting foot on earth.

It is always advisable to fly the bird with a falconry radio telemetry system, because, for example, in the case of falcons it is quite common to lose sight of the bird quickly. In any case, in many areas of the Spanish territory, its use is, in fact, mandatory.

In this sense, with a telemetry system, the bird will fly free, but through the transmitting antenna that will be attached to the bird, we will receive the signal of its location in the receiver, which we will carry in the backpack.

The way to attach the transmitter to the bird, as well as the type of frequency to be used, will depend on the needs of the falconer.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a high-performance digital receiver that is extremely simple and straightforward to use. The signal from the electromagnetic transmitter is converted by the Radio tracking receiver into an auditory and digital signal. This signal is then used to determine the direction of the signal, which leads to the location of the animal that is carrying the transmitter. Every signal pulse that is sent out by the emitter is picked up by the speakers and shown on the screen of the Hallux GPS.

Hallux GPS

You can get real-time data and the location of your falcon/hawk on your smartphone. Hallux GPS falconry radio telemetry is a remote information monitoring and management service that combines state-of-the-art telemetry technologies, which allow remote monitoring of your falcon.

By reading the data in real-time, it is possible to monitor the route of the falcon and real-time location among other parameters. Depending on your needs, the system may be configured to provide warnings, graphs, and reports.

With a friendly and exclusive platform, your falcon can be monitored from any device with internet access, ensuring mobility and agility. The channels are encrypted, ensuring the total security of the data collected.

On the Hallux GPS, it is possible to have access to falcon tracking in real-time. Through the Hallux GPS mobile app, the owner of the falcon also has access to notifications of location and routes followed by your falcon. So buy one for your falcon and get the benefits of real-time tracking.