A New Way To Find Lost Falcons


No cost tracking, with an emergency network up to 500 miles wide

All map Lost Falcons

Quick Launch


Quick Launch ensures you can free fly on a moment’s notice, nothing to fiddle with.

Your Falcon is Never Lost

Activate the SOS feature and other falconers’ systems create a network to find your bird, all position data encrypted, you will be the only one to know the location.

Call-Out Image

Lightweight GPS


Only 8.2 grams

Replaceable antennas

Smart Flight Detect – Increases battery life

User battery settings – Up to 4 days battery life

Up to 25 miles communication, line of sight

  You Set the Battery Life

Includes Smart Flight Detect

Short Day

8 Hours Battery

Half Day

12 Hours Battery

One Day

26 Hours Battery

Long Life

37 Hours Battery

Longest Life

44 Hours Battery

Feature rich

Feature rich Base Station

Magnetic Mount for tracking from vehicle

Drone Compatible for tracking by drone

No Directional Antenna Required

Rechargeable Battery


Mobile App

Falcon telemetry is a niche market and we love niche markets because we can hone in product attributes to exactly fit the needs of the group.  When we decided to use our wildlife telemetry to make a falcon GPS tracker, the first thing we did was to contact falconers.

We used them to inform the GPS falconry telemetry design.  Among our falconers, there was a real desire to make a lightweight falcon GPS.  That is why we started with the electronic platform we use for bats, one that has been evolving for over 10 years.

Falconry telemetry for sale these days, specifically falconry telemetry GPS,  looks rather bulky to us so we agreed with our falconers that the falcon tracking device would be small and there needed to be a falcon tracker app to go with it.

Then, with our S.O.S. feature, we included a falcon tracking network that can be established by clicking a button in the app and having your falconry brothers assist you with very little effort on their part. You can even use a drone, a falcon tracking drone is one that you already own, so that’s really easy for you.

One of Hallux GPS’s greatest hidden features is the wireless updates that you will have access to.  The firmware that controls the microprocessors in both the GPS and the base station can easily be updated by you anytime we issue updates. We make it really simple and seamless for you.  All you will need to do is to click on the update button and then leave the device that is being updated close to your phone until the update is over, it only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for coming to look at our website, we hope you like what you see, and if you need a falconry telemetry system, please consider Hallux GPS.