Is the app available in Arabic or just English?

The app is in both Arabic and English, the user sets the language.

Will the app work on iPhone? Will it work on Android?

The app works on both iPhone and Android

How long does the battery last?

Up to 44 hours.

Can I put the GPS into sleep mode?

Sleep mode is automatic, whenever the falcon stops flying.  GPS is still transmitted but in battery save mode.

What is S.O.S.?

It is a method whereby you alert other Hallux GPS users to turn on their base stations to help locate your bird.

Do I need mobile phone coverage to find my bird?

Absolutely not, this product does not rely upon the mobile phone network.

Do I need a large tracking antenna?

There is no large antenna, only the small antenna on the base station.

Can I track multiple falcons at one time?

Yes, you can track several at the same time

Can someone hack my GPS and find my falcon?

There are several security layers, no one else can track your falcon or hack your Hallux GPS.

What is the range of the GPS?

Range varies depending on conditions, maximum is 40 km. (25 mi.), until the S.O.S. is enabled, then the massive network is activated and range increases.

Do you have distribution in The G.C.C.?

We sell direct through our website and ship from California.  Using our online shop, you see the total landed price to your door including shipping, taxes and customs duties, all expressed in your local currency.

Is a VHF tracker incorporated into Hallux GPS?

No, there is no VHF tracker.

How does it attach to my falcon?

Leg mount, tail mount or backpack. We include 2 tail clips with the purchase of a GPS.

How do I replace the battery?

The battery is rechargeable, there is no need to change it.

Is this system made specifically for falconry?

Yes it is specific for falconry. It evolved from our wildlife product line but it is designed for falconry.

Does the system log flights?

Yes it does, you will have a mapped flight as well as flight parameters.

Can I share the flight logs?

Yes, very easily, just click on it and share.

What do I do if my falcon destroys an antenna on the GPS?

The antennas are user replaceable. We supply extra antennas with your purchase.

Do I need to use my GPS to help someone find their bird

No, you only need your base station turned on and start tracking in your app.

How do I get support for this product?