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Hallux GPS – A new way to find lost falcons

Hallux GPS has created a new category in falconry telemetry.  Hallux has a revolutionary new feature creating a new way to find lost falcons.  First, it works like a normal falcon GPS tracking device, sending you the falcon’s GPS position.  But then, if the bird flies out of range, you can enable the S.O.S. feature that alerts all other Hallux GPS users within a 400 km. radius that you have lost your bird.

If they help by putting their base stations outside and turn on tracking, they are all automatically looking for your falcon.  This effectively creates a tracking network. When your falcon’s Hallux GPS communicates with their base station, the GPS position will pass through their system and the position will be shown on your phone.  Your falcon’s GPS position will not be shown on anyone else’s’ phone.

App compatibility

Whether you use Android or Apple and whether you speak Arabic or English, we have you covered!  The Hallux app works on both Android and iOS and it will detect your phone’s language and present the app to you in your language. If you want to override the language auto-detect, you can do that from Settings and manually set it in either Arabic or English.

Quick Launch

Whenever you work with falcon GPS devices, you are well advised to check them first.  Make sure you are receiving GPS positions at the app before you fly your falcon.  But this is time consuming and if you need to launch in a hurry then you might not do it.  Hallux GPS has a feature that gives you the best of both worlds.  At home, before you and your falcon leave in the morning, turn on your GPS in Quick Launch mode.  Then it will take a GPS position and put it onto the app right there at home and after that, it will automatically go into sleep mode.  Then, anytime after that, just fly your bird and the GPS will automatically turn on when it gets about 20 meters away from your base station.

Share flights and flight data

Your falcon’s flight is logged so that you can share it on social media.  The flight log outputs a detailed flight map, altitude data, maximum speed and distance covered in the flight.  Best of all, you can share it to social media directly from the Hallux app.

Easy system updates directly from the app

Hallux GPS runs with complex microprocessor code.  The code is very well tested and reliable.  This also goes for the Hallux base station code.  But there are times when we will upgrade it either to make it better or to provide new features.  In this case, you need a way to easily upgrade the code.  We have established a streamlined system within the app that will alert you when an update is available and then all you have to do is click Update.  There are no wires, no other software to download onto a PC first, nothing.  Updates are just a simple click away.

Unburden your falcon, Hallux GPS is only 8.2 grams

The falcon GPS tracker, without the tail clip, weighs only 8.2 grams. You might be used to much heavier and bulkier GPS devices, but those days are over.  This is a lightweight falcon GPS.

Track up to 16 different GPS at once

Falcon telemetry has not changed very much in 50 years.  Now, enjoy the convenience of being able to use Hallux GPS on many different birds.  If you have multiple birds and yo either fly more than one at a time or don’t want to have to remove and replace GPS devices every time you fly a different bird, your base station and app allow you to track 16 GPS that are paired to your phone.  There is even a way to use a falcon tracking drone with the Hallux GPS system.

 Long-range tracking helps find your falcon

The small, portable base station remains with your while your bird is hunting.  The base station communicates with the falcon tracking device on your bird.  This is how GPS positions get onto the falcon tracker app. The maximum distance that the GPS signal can travel to the base station is 40 kilometers.  That is the best-case scenario.  The signal requires a line of sight to the base station for you to get the positions onto your phone.

Easy turn off – No Magnets

There is no need to keep track of magnets. With falconry telemetry, you are used to having to use magnets.  With our GPS, you are not going to be using any magnets.  Do not bother turning off the base station until you get back home, it has a 4-day battery life on a full charge.  When you want to turn it off, you do that from the app.  The GPS is also turned off from the app. Turning them both back on is a simple matter of plugging the USB into power and then unplugging.  There is no reason why falconry telemetry systems cannot come into the modern age.  Magnets are old-school.

Track without internet or mobile network

The Hallux GPS system does not rely on the internet or the mobile phone network for you to track your falcon. The only times when you need access to the internet is when you download a map onto your app and when you want to activate S.O.S. and receive GPS positions from other users that found your bird via the S.O.S. Remember that S.O.S. effectively establishes a falcon tracking network.

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